16 of My Best Social Media Marketing Tips

When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool full of potential for your name or brand. Many people use the platforms to gain attention to themselves and when you take the same measures, great things can happen. You should use the right sites, the right way, if you want to build a platform that helps get your name out there. Use the 16 tips below when marketing on social media and it is easy to get ahead of the game.

  1. Use social media tags on all of your blog posts. This makes it easy for readers to share the content on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  2. Don’t simply post content, but engage with the audience. Answer their questions and otherwise interact and have fun.
  3. Post original content. When you share information that hasn’t yet been seen, people respond better to the information.
  4. Hashtags are an important part of your posts on Instagram. When using this site, make sure to use them as frequently as possible, and use as many as possible.
  5. Be active on the platforms that you use the most. It is important that you’re not out of sight, out of mind because other companies are there to come in to take your place.
  6. Buy instant Instagram likes from a reputable company. I made this purchase on a couple of occasions and both times, received some nice benefits. It is cheap and easy to buy, so why not?
  7. Ask people to follow your accounts and to help spread the word that you’re out there.
  8. Quality over quantity. It is important that you post regularly, but it is more important that you post quality content every time that you post.
  9. Cross promote on your sites. You can easily share your YouTube videos on Facebook, link your Insta and Facebook accounts, or retweet content and get noticed.
  10. Follow influencers. There are tons of them out there and when you get your name near them, you have a good chance of doing great things.
  11. Be patient. It is a virtue, after all. When you are patient, great things happen and it is easy to get ahead of the game.
  12. Don’t forget to use offline promotional and marketing techniques. Tons of them make your account stand out from the rest.
  13. Be personable and be fun. It always helps to create loyal fans when you show your personality with your audience.
  14. Get to know your followers and fans on a more personalized level. Make sure you know the type of content they want to see and pay attention to their comments, likes, and shares.
  15. Don’t assume that you know it all. I made this mistake far too quickly into my marketing endeavors but once I got back on track and began heeding the advice of those more experienced than I, things began to change.
  16. Set goals on all of your sites. How many new fans do you want to gain? How many posts per day would you like to share? These things are just some of the goals that you can set to achieve great things on your pages.

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