Ways to Build Your Social Media Presence Offline

Social media is a hot topic these days. Most people use at least one social media site each day, myself included. However, it is good to get off social media now and again and get a whiff of the real world. Even when promoting your company, a number of offline tools are available to help your brand succeed. I used a few of the techniques and can say from firsthand experience that they work. So exactly how do your build your brand offline? Some of the best ways to get an offline presence going are listed below.


Some would call advertising in the newspaper old-fashioned, but business owners know that it is important to use this technique to reach those who aren’t using social media. Believe it or not, there are people off social media. However, it is important to include your social media information in your advertisements for those who use both online and offline sources to access businesses. It works to bring more people to your company!

Word of Mouth

Every conversation has the potential to include a bit of talk about your social media sites. Whether you have a great coupon for your followers or online-only pics, encourage people to go online and follow your accounts. Word of mouth is always an excellent tool to use to spread information and gain insight. Use it to your advantage and it is easy to build your online audience. Word of mouth always works to bring out the best in your brand!

Business Cards

Include information about your Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media accounts on your business cards. People still use and benefit from business cards, especially when social media information is included. Although many people will contact you via telephone or our website, some may want to check you out on social media to see what you are all about.

Get Creative

Put your creative skills to work when it’s time to find offline marketing techniques that work for your company. Leave business cards or Instagram information at random places; create logo items with your brands social media information and donate them to local organizations or charities; and use car wraps/logos to spread the word.

Final Thoughts

There are many offline marketing techniques that make it possible to bring people online to the world of social media to stay in touch with your brand. The techniques outlined here are only a handful of the many. You shouldn’t wait any longer to use these techniques (like I have) and maximize your company’s benefits.

Of course, you should find the best site to buy Instagram followers from, make this purchase, and use the other techniques online to ensure that you get the most number of followers on your account. But, don’t forget to take your efforts offline and expand your horizons and get more attention to your company and brand where it counts the most.

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